May 2022 Updates – Filtration Fabrics

Filtration Fabrics That Offer Unmatched Quality

DrainKnit is a sturdy tubular knitted polypropylene geo textile that has been engineered specifically for controlling erosion, containing, and/or retaining sediment in disturbed areas. It is a mesh tube filled with organic filter material that is placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff. The DrainKnit, which is oval to round in cross section, provides a three-dimensional filter that retains sediment and other pollutants (e.g., suspended solids, nutrients, and motor oil) while allowing the cleaned water to flow through. The DrainKnit can be used in place of traditional sediment and erosion control tools such as a silt fence or straw bale barrier.

DrainKnit is a versatile product that fits all standard sizes of perforated PE and PVC drainage pipe. Our black fabrics are infused with materials that provide protection against UV degradation due to exposure to the sun. However, we can also customize the color pattern of the fabric to meet your specific coding needs and offer product lengths that range from 10 feet to 3,000 feet.

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Employee Spotlight: Wilder Melendrez

This month, we highlight someone who’s light shines so bright, he doesn’t need a spotlight! As our Quality Manager, Wilder Melendrez is an integral part of every aspect here at Dickson.  Thanks to his impressive background, he has been able to implement many new and innovative products into our portfolio, all while continually creating operational efficiencies and improving the overall customer experience.

David Dickson, President, smiles as he thinks of Wilder.  “Where to even start? During his 5 years here, Wilder has been able to accomplish something which we were never able to do prior to his joining…securing our SQF accreditation. This designation is a globally-recognized food safety and quality program, and thanks to Wilder’s comprehensive input, our annual audits certify that we place the highest regard to food safety. Wilder brings such a calming, motivational style to the management team and I couldn’t be more proud to walk side-by-side with him. He truly is the future of Dickson.”

Favorite activities and hobbies? Fishing with my son, Sunday Soccer League, family vacations

What is your background?  I attained my bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Food Safety.  Throughout high school and college I worked at Hy-Vee (Perry & Ames) in their meat department.  I gained a passion and understanding for food safety while working there.  During college I interned at Tyson (Storm Lake) in their FSQA department.  Jobs I had growing up and education shaped my desire to pursue a career in the food industry.  Dickson Industries incorporates multiple industry sectors which has allowed me to grow and learn an array of new things.

Favorite part of your day at Dickson?  Getting to work with people who I now see as family.  Tight knit (no pun intended, haha) workplace environment makes it enjoyable to come to everyday.

Hidden talent?  I wouldn’t say I have one, but if I had to, I would say playing the bass guitar.  Definitely hidden talent because I haven’t played in years!