Medical Division

Dickson Industries Inc. is a leader in providing sturdy, sanitary fabrics and other products to the medical industry. From our orthopedic stockinette fabrics, to custom apparel and gowns for medical use, we specialize in creating custom products for medical supply distributors, hospitals, and other industry organizations.

Orthopedic Stockinette


We are a nationwide leader in the production of medical stockinette. Our modern machinery and humidity controlled knitting rooms ensure our products are the highest quality, and are made in the USA.

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Reusable Gowns


Our durable non-sterile, non-surgical gowns provide protection in the medical field and can be washed 75 – 100 times for reuse. They are 100% polyester, fluid resistant, and available with either front or back ties.

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Lab Coats

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We have decades of experience working with top medical facilities to provide lab coats and other clinical and research apparel. Our in-house embroidery department can even customize each garment with employee names.

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With our USA based manufacturing facility, and global partnerships, Dickson Industries can provide you with the highest quality medical textiles and garments in any quantity. We specialize in customization and can match any specifications your organization has. Complete the form below to request more information about our services.