Customer Highlight: Congratulations to CIRAS on their 60th Anniversary!

We were fortunate enough to partner with CIRAS to help celebrate their 60th anniversary. CIRAS (Center for Industrial Research and Service) provides applied research, education and technical assistance to Iowa industry through partnerships with Iowa’s government agencies, education institutions, and not-for-profit associations.

As a special thank you to the team, we worked closely with Leah Barton, Assistant Director, to manufacture custom DI-3 Jackets for each member with the custom CIRAS logo embroidered, as well as each team member’s name.  It was our honor to partner with CIRAS and we thank you for all the amazing work you do! In the past decade alone, CIRAS has had a cumulative impact of more than $6.4 billion with more than 66,000 jobs added or retained as a result of the assistance companies have received from the center. 

Interested in placing a custom order for embroidery? Please just call our office at 1-866- DICKSON and we will more than happy to walk you through the ordering process. 

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about CIRAS, we invite you to visit their website or reach out to Leah Barton at (515) 291-0733 or