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Dickson Industries is your one-stop shop for all your hunting needs as you head outdoors! Our game bags continue to be national best-sellers and we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality, most durable bags for all kinds of game. Thanks to our vast network of distributors nationwide, our DGB bags should be on the shelves of your local sporting goods store, or can be purchased directly from our store.
Our roots run deep in American manufacturing. We take pride in our US-based operations, ensuring exceptional quality, reliability, and faster turnaround times for our clients. With over seven decades of experience, our seasoned team has a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to craft tailored textile solutions that address the unique needs of your business.

Dickson Industries Game Bag Advantages:

We take great pride in our game bag products, meticulously crafted to safeguard your hard-earned game harvest. For decades, we’ve been the go-to choice for hunters, offering superior protection, durability, and breathability. Made from tubular knit stockinette, heavy-ribbed tubular-knitted fabric, and 100% cotton woven osnaburg, you can select from 4-pack, 5-pack, or single-quantity game bags. A testament to our commitment to quality, these game bags are an integral part of hunting adventures across the nation. Choose Dickson Industries Game Bags for unparalleled protection and preservation. Shop our range today to ensure your next hunting adventure ends with perfectly preserved game meat that’s ready to savor.

  • Permits good air circulation
  • High strength quality
  • Strongest game bag in the industry
  • Covers and protects full-size elk, caribou, and moose
  • Increased protection from flies and dust
  • Washable and reusable
  • Soft, absorbent cloth makes an excellent polishing cloth
  • Keep your game fresh, clean, and insect-free

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A special thank you to Chris for sharing his experience with our DGB game bags on a recent hunting trip he took to Colorado. Thank you, Chris, for the incredible pictures!
``Four days in Walden in Colorado, beautiful sunsets and exciting pursuits. I can’t thank you enough for the bags they were amazing. It was no difficulty to get quarters of a moose in them!``

Chris K.

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