Introducing Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave has spent more than 30 years working in and around the meat processing industry. He holds a Master’s Degree in Meat Science, and a Ph.D. in Food Science. He spent much of his career working in R&D for the largest meat processing, and ingredient manufacturers. This includes travel to more than 30 countries showing customers how to produce value added meat products. From stable retort hot dogs in China, to juicier burgers in the Philippines, extended hams in Mexico, enhanced beef in Argentina, to sirloin steak sliders for the USA, Dr. Dave has a wealth of application expertise.

He is familiar with the harvesting and processing of all types of meat and poultry animals. And has developed unique, USDA approved food ingredients and processing techniques that fit perfectly with wild game processing.

Virtually all hunters wish that there was more “back strap” meat. Basically, it is possible to turn all skeletal muscle harvested from wild game into value added, whole muscle processed meats like back strap. Here are a few pictures to illustrate:

Beef trim from the rib area was ground and formed into a variety of whole muscle cuts.

Beef chuck trim was formed into ribeye steaks. Note Dr. Dave did this demo at a well-known industry short course. Comments included [from a retired Meat Science Professor]: “this is the best example of adding value to beef trim that I have seen in 55 years”.

For deer meat, in addition to “more back strap”, it is easy to make jerky strips. A hunter should collect as much skeletal meat as possible, as it can be utilized this way.