We work collaboratively with our customers to meet exact specification and job requirements. Proprietary information is kept confidential, and products are thoroughly researched and tested before delivery.


We are continually upgrading our machinery, facility, and the training of our personnel in order to work towards providing you with new and better products, always at competitive prices.


Since 1946, the Dickson name has guaranteed integrity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Generations of customers have relied on Dickson to deliver on our promise.

Fabric Solutions

Our primary focus is to provide durable, high-quality products by utilizing our highly-qualified design and production resources to meet our customers' needs.


Custom Apparel, Embroidery, Freezerwear


Hospitality, Food Processing Garments, DeliKnit, RoastKnit, Wine Bags


Geo Textiles, Protective Sleeves, Filter Covers


PPE, Medical Textiles, Lab Coats

Serving customers since 1946

Three generations of the Dickson family have helped to grow Dickson Industries Inc. into a leading manufacturer of custom textile and apparel products. We understand companies and consumers have many options when shopping for products, and appreciate every sale. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, please contact us directly. Our experienced team can work to create a custom-made product for your specific need.

— A. David Dickson, President

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Here at Dickson Industries, we strive to produce top-of-the-line goods for our customers, both locally and internationally. In 2017, Dickson Industries started the process for our SQF certification from the Safe Quality Foods Institute. For the certification to be awarded, we, as a company, had to prove that the necessary steps were being taken to ensure that every product that leaves our facility meets those standards. While some of those steps were already in place throughout the business, there were certain aspects that needed improvement. The president of the company, David Dickson, met with CIRAS from Iowa State University to create a plan that would ensure we were meeting those standards. With help from the gap assessment and CIRAS, Dickson Industries was able to obtain the SQF certification in 2018. To read more about the SQF certification, click here.