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DGB-100—Western Sportsman Big Game Bag
The nation’s top selling game-bag. It is 84” in length, and made of soft, absorbent cloth with tubular-knitted construction.

DGB-150—Deluxe Western Sportsman Game Bag
Its reusable and super strength qualities makes this bag our most popular bag. The material is soft and can be reused as a polishing cloth. It is constructed for real packer’s export beef tubing and covers Deer and Elk up to 7 feet long.

DGB-200—Tubular-Knit Poly-Pak Deer Bag
These are 84” long and stretch open to a diameter of 52”. It has a tubular knitted construction and is sewn at one end.

DGB-300—Big “D” Knit Giant-Pak Deer Bag
These are 84” long and stretch open to a diameter of 52”. It is made of high-quality heavy weight yarn and has a drawstring at one end.

DGB-400—Tubular-Knit Poly-Pak Elk Bag
These are 48” long and stretch open to a diameter of 52”. It is made up of heavyweight polyester yarn and is sewn at one end.

DGB-500—Super Strength Multi-Pak Elk Bag
This pack comes with four bags and each one covers and protects the largest Elk. Washable and reusable, available in Osnaburg material. This is the best value and most popular Elk bag.

DGB-550—Large Game Bag
Keeps meat clean and insect free, protects meat while aging. Provides excellent air circulation and comes with four in a pack with drawstring.

DGB-600—Economy-Pak Big Game Bag
These are 84” long and can stretch open to 50” in diameter. This is made of high-strength quality yarn. It is washable and reusable and provides versatile uses in camp.

DGB-650—Deer Sports Bag
Keeps game fresh, clean and insect free, holds a large deer and allows for excellent air circulation.

DGB-700 Osnaburg/DGB-750 Sheeting—Extra Heavy-duty Deer Bag
The finest deer bag you can buy made from rugged Osnaburg material. Reusable in many ways and they are available in 40” x 72” bag or 5.50 oz cotton sheeting.

DGB-800 Osnaburg/DGB-825 Sheeting—Extra Heavy-duty Elk Bag
Rugged Osnaburg material, simply the best Elk bag made. Reusable and multi-purpose, available in 40” x 48” bag or 5.50 oz sheeting.

DGB-850—Elk Bag
Four bags per pack, it is 48” long, strongest game-bag in the industry, covers and protects full size Elk.

DGB-875—Elk Bag
48” long and four bags in a pack, this bag protects large size Elk, and are made of 40” x 48” sheeting.

DGB-900—Elk, Moose and Caribou Bag
Knitted, poly-cotton bags with drawstring closure, it’s 36” x 52” in size, covers full size Elk, Moose, or Caribou; four bags per pack and these bags allow for excellent air circulation.

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